Cheer coaching, hard work and comfort foods

So I’m feeling super emotional today, so I’m going to talk about something that touched my heart. 

If you didn’t know already, I coach cheerleading at Encore Athletics. Right now my kids on my team are between 6-8 years old and I never realized today how much I’ve learned from being their coach. With each year comes a new team and new kids but these kids really touched my heart. For most of them I am their first cheerleading coach. I have been going back and forth between retiring because I have a lot on my plate right now. So, today I was telling my kids that it was our last practice before our end of year showcase. I was expecting them to be so excited because it was the end. The end of all the hard work, rough days and even tougher skills. But what happened next I couldn’t believe, one of my kids started bawling their eyes out because they’re going to miss me. And then the rest followed once it hit that we weren’t going to be together anymore. At that moment I realized not only how much of an impact that these wonderful kids had on me, but how much I impacted their day to day lives. Some of the kids I met this year and others I taught their very first Tumbling class. Sometimes we see it as a job and go through the motions, but these kids made me look forward to Tuesday’s and our team group hugs. They’ve changed my life in so many ways. 

So now that I vented a little let’s talk about hard work. Yesterday, I was miserable my back was killing me. I wasn’t going to go to the gym because it was late and I was tired…. 

does anyone see anything that all those have in common? Excuses.

Every single one of those comments are an excuse. My boyfriend suggested I go sit in the sauna and stretch. So I did. I instantly felt so much better and got in a nice little workout. Moral of the story, I believe that the hard work comes when you’re able to silence your mind and get to work. Your excuses should never be more than your reasons ‘why’ . Why you want to do whatever it is you want to do should always outnumber the excuses you have for why not… 
And now for the fun part, I’ve dedicated one blog a week to a food recipe!! Healthy ways to eat things you love! Low carb mozzarella sticks! My best suggestion is to freeze the cheese before you cook but these are definitely one of my favorite!
With all my love 



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